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            • 地址:廣東省東莞市樟木頭鎮維多利大道29號
              郵編:   523618
              手機:東莞 13826966920
                          深圳 13600442272

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            •   產品說明
            • 產品名稱: 數字儲存示波器
              產品型號: 54845A 
              廠商品牌: 安捷倫
              技術指標: 1.5GHz


              *Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows® GUI
              *USB Test option with embedded MatLab
              *Time correlation between 16700 logic analyzer and scope
              *Communications mask test kit option
              *Voice Control option for hands free operation
              *Web-enabled remote control from any web browser
              *Email on trigger

              Other Info:
              The Agilent HP 54845A ensures fast, accurate capture of your waveforms. Like the other Infiniium models, the Agilent 54845A’s easy, familiar user interface makes it easy to take advantage of every bit of the performance inside.

              The HP Agilent 54845A is a used and reconditioned Color Digitizing Oscilloscope that provides the performance you need for your most demanding signals. 1.5 GHz bandwidth and a sample rate of up to 8 GSa/s

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